Monday, July 6, 2015

Xero Shoes

I was fortunate enough recently to be chosen as a product tester for Xero Shoes, a new shoe company that was featured on the television show, Shark Tank. Being an avid runner and fitness enthusiast, I was excited to be able to give these new sandals a try, as they boasted about being a cross between barefoot, lightweight and also giving needed support to the feet.
  As soon as my shoes, the Z-Trek and Cloud sandals arrived in the mail I was in love.
  The Cloud version is super squishy and I immediately loved the color. They had a padded footbed and were extremely comfortable on my feet. I wore these constantly when going out and also while working around the house.
  My favorite of the two though were the Z-Trek Sandals. These shoes feel like you have nothing on. I wore them while doing all chores and activities including hiking, canoeing and gardening. Even after wearing them for over a month, they continue to look brand new. I noticed that after power washing my pool furniture in them, they dried immediately, as they did while canoeing, leaving my feet feeling dry and comfortable.
  I highly recommend these shoes for anyone, not just runners. They are comfortable and seem to really last. The company is small and very personable, offing tips and will communicate with you regarding their products.
  If you would like to look at the shoes, or even purchase a pair for yourself, visit their website at They are promising to be working on new and exciting things in the future too, so when you fall in love with one of the pair that I have tried, next summer there may be new shoes available as well.
  Enjoy summer this year in comfort. Try Xero Shoes. Relive the days of childhood when barefoot living was as much a part of summer as running through the sprinkler. You will not be disappointed.