Monday, May 4, 2015

Changing of the Seasons

  Spring has finally arrived in Michigan. For those people that live in southern states, you have no idea how much of a needed necessity this is for us Michiganders. In fact by mid April, when there is still snow on the ground, many of us can be found searching for the one patch of grass that has started to poke it's weary head out of the soil, or the small tops of the spring flowers that are beginning to make their appearance among the brown leaves on the ground. We live for this time of year when we can once again venture outside. It's the time of year when we finally see our neighbors again after hibernating for several months in our homes.
  Well for me this also brings the new task of trying to locate my spring and summer wardrobe, from shoes to shorts and T-shirts. The items that have been in hiding for so long that when you pull them out they are a wrinkled mess, not anything like you remember them resembling when you stuffed them into the drawers and closets last fall.
  This morning I was in search for my pair of slides, the kind of sandals that I love to wear everyday around the house. I was delighted to be able to slip my feet into these shoes without having to worry about socks for the day. As I opened my closet I was horrified at how it had taken a turn for the worse during the winter months.
  Since I share a small closet with my husband, things are not organized like I would like them to be. In fact it is so ugly in there that it took me over 20 minutes just to locate this one pair of shoes. Because I hate to get rid of any of my footwear, I had to sift through the dozens of pairs of running shoes, my winter boots and everything else that had made their way to the top of the stack. I finally located one of my slides, which was a personal victory, but the other was still in hiding.
  At this point I gave up the standing position and got serious. I sat on the floor and just began piling shoes out onto my bedroom floor, insisting that I would find this shoe. It had to be in there. I gave up looking on my side of the closet and began looking on Doug's side. This is when I came across his giant winter coat that he had obviously flung onto the closet floor. (Perfect place for that!) Fortunately for me, my missing shoe was hidden under his coat.
  Now, you would think that I would have taken this opportunity and time to organize my shoes and put them all back with the summer footwear at the top of the piles for the season. But instead, because I was in a hurry, I threw everything back into the closet, including the giant black coat, and closed the doors quickly before it could all fall back out on top of me.
  I will regret that decision next week when I'm desperately looking for my sandals to wear for Mother's Day, but for now, door closed and problem solved. Got to love living in a small house in Michigan!

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